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My Voyage of Discovery
My Voyage of Discovery: Returning October’s Lost Lyrics

into the fold

Lexus story. “Into the Fold: the world’s first ‘origami kayak’ “


Hang Time

Lexus slideshow story. “Hang Time: Adventures in suspension design—from the innovative to the inspiring”


Innovative Habitats

Lexus slideshow story. “Innovative Habitats: Exploring the world’s most adventurously designed zoos and aquariums”


Great Escape

Lexus slideshow story. “Great Escape: 20 essential items for your cozy weekend away”


Lost & Found

Lexus slideshow story. “Lost & Found: Five former industrial sites reborn as stunning, travel-worthy locales”


Beautiful Union

Lexus Slideshow story. “Beautiful Union: Ten iconic chairs that redefined form and function-and would look stunning in your living room”

Universal Obsession

Lexus slideshow story. “Universal Obsession: Cities across the world are filling their parks, streets, and even convents with innovative design. You’re invited.”


30 years of october

@U2 Interview: “3o Years of October: Danielle Rhéaume on Returning Bono’s Lost Lyrics.”


Exploring U2: Is this Rock 'n' Roll?

“Exploring U2: Is This Rock ‘n’ Roll?: Essays on the Music, Work, and Influence of U2.” Chapter 2: “My Voyage of Discovery: Returning October’s Lost Lyrics.”

Various feature-length articles published between 2007-2008 for the Association of Washington Business. All of them were published in “Washington Business Magazine.” (Please note that the political views of AWB are not necessarily my own.) All related testimonials were unsolicited.

Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo: Revolutionizing conservation

“We read your article with much excitement and gratitude. Thank you for providing us with such wonderful exposure. Nice job!” -Woodland Park Zoo Director of Communications and Marketing


Bastyr University: Moving healthcare forward naturally

“I’m writing you a note to say how much I appreciated your good work. You present yourself effectively and the article is wonderful. It is a pleasure to share it with our board members. Thanks so much!” -Bastyr University President


puget sound pilots

Puget Sound Pilots bring home the goods

Received an Honorable Mention ino McMurry’s 2008 Magnum Opus Awards competition.


Hammond Ashley

Hammond Ashley Violins: Balancing business and art

“I just read the article about Hammond Ashley Violins. Thanks for such a great profile! I’ve heard positive things back around town as well. I can’t wait to put it on our Web site. Thank you!” -Hammond Ashley Violins General Manager



Ye Olde Curiosity Shop: More than a century of business as (un)usual



Cascade Gasket: Lean Manufacturing


Wheelchairs Northwest: Enhancing mobility for Washington’s wheelchair users

You did an exceptional job of writing our story. I especially enjoyed how you were able to blend the personal and business sides of the story, while also placing emphasis on the sales tax issue. I forwarded the article to one of the case managers at Premera and she forwarded it to others in the company. They were giddy with excitement seeing their company and profession spoken of so highly. All in all, very well done!” –Wheelchairs Northwest President Wendell Matas


Branding: More than meets the eye


Experiencing Washington
Experiencing Washington: State offers adventure and opportunity for many

“Working with you was a pleasure! You have a “nose for the story”— identifying the story within the story, being complete with your research and understanding the big picture while scoping out the details. I appreciated being part of the process of bringing the message that tourism is economic development to an audience that may not have realized the economic impact tourism has to their community at large and to their businesses specifically.” -Snohomish County Tourism Bureau Executive Directoro


Less than 2 until 2010: When will Washington get into the game?

“Thank you so much for the balanced and in-depth coverage of the Olympics and our program. I know there is a lot of information to sort through when working on a project of this magnitude, but you did a thorough job, and covered your bases very well. We’re definitely posting this article as a resource on our new online media center.” -PNWER 2010 Olympics and Tourism Program Manager



Sakuma Bros

Sakuma Bros Farm: A family holds its ground through thick and thin

“Your article was very well-written and portrays our family and business accurately.  Thank you so much for all that you’ve done.” –Sakuma Brothers Farm CEO Steve Sakumao


Soap Lake
The Healing Waters of Soap Lake

“You are a beautiful writer and I enjoyed reading the article. I’m excited to share it with other members of our community.” –Soap Lake City Clerk